Some Of The Work Tools We Use At iPA To Achieve Great Results

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Some Of The Work Tools We Use At iPA To Achieve Great Results

In a recent New Yorker article by John Cassidy, he mentions how productivity is one of those subjects that fascinates economists and bores, or mystifies, almost everyone else.This reminded me of something similar that I was engaged in.

A few weeks ago, we(the iPA team) were talking and sharing how each of us keeps up with work and still get to enjoy a happy, fun life. This conversation led to a fascinating discovery and interplay of tools that make our work lighter and way more organized than it would ordinarily be.
And we thought it would be selfish to keep these tools to ourselves. Now, here we are sharing what makes our work light, fun and impactful. We hope it helps you achieve better results for yourself and your business:

Slack: Slack is where we chit chat about our daily activities on the go. It’s also a place of awesome fun and restlessness for us. You

Asana: This is our task delegation tool. Here we delegate tasks, follow projects and monitor one another’s tasks to completion.

Google Docs: Google Docs is our collaboration unit. We ideate, assemble, concatenate and nitpick (mild nitpicking, definitely) points, thoughts, and ongoing work.

Timesheet: We use Timesheet to track the time spent on clients’ work, which is how we can effectively tell you the amount of time we saved our clients and the duration it took us to finish up on tasks.

Deezer: Deezer is our soundboard! We never ever get bored with team mates music recommendations and rocking to favourite selections while we work.

Calendar: And Calendar is for scheduling meetings and getting reminded about meetings, so we don’t forget.

Gmail: Of course Gmail! Emails, replies and external communications are done via Gmail.

TweetDeck: TweetDeck is the tool we use to schedule our tweets and co-ordinate some level of social monitoring.

Feedly: This is where we keep our repository of heart and brain warming websites, blogs and interesting findings. So we can see when there new content updates from all of these websites at a go.


What are the tools you use for your daily activities and tasks? Share with us.