How to Become More Creative


How to Become More Creative

It is often said that creativity is a muscle, the more you flex it and use it, the stronger it becomes. This is quite true if you see creativity as an entity itself, a hardcore, semi-physical entity. However, creativity is usually perceived as a state or sense of being. This is probably why people are often in search of how to stay in that state or how to frequently find themselves in that state or sense.
More and more people – artists, writers, designers and professionals in creative industries at large are constantly questioning themselves and wondering how they can become better at being ‘creative’ or how to stimulate their capacity for creativity and beckon at their muse when they want to, especially when your day-to-day activities consist of conjuring creativity at will.

I have a few things that I do when I want to stimulate my creative juice and I’ll list them below in the hopes that these things can help you become more creative.
Here are 3 ways to become more creative:

By soaking in a lot of experiences. You should learn to see yourself as some sort of sponge – open minded, open ended and soaking in what is going on in your environment. A lot of times creative work comes from the juxtaposition of two entities that hitherto seem unable to cohabit. But, when your mind has taken in a lot of experiences and environmental/cultural/artistic influences, you have a pool to pull out a hat trick from and get to work.
So, don’t be a flat, hard-surfaced human. Soak in as many experiences as you can.

By drowning in books and literatures that turn on your intelligence. Read, read, read! We hear that a lot of times, but we refuse to take into cognizance the effect that reading has on our capacity for growth. Read books, articles, pieces in your industry, read books articles, pieces outside your industry, read articles and pieces that are hard to read. Reading improves your ability to visualise and forces your imagination to expand because it has to work.
I once saw a quote where the presenter said something very profound – “once you become a pro, stop getting influences from those who are in your own field”.
This is something you should practice and imbibe into your lifestyle.

By writing and designing. Yes, you should learn to doodle, sketch and put down your thoughts when they start swimming around in your head. Writing and doodling are great stimulators. Sometimes when I find a new word or word concatenation in my head I write it down and form a small paragraph with it. This helps me become better and it can help you too.