A Few Blogs Nigerian Entrepreneurs Should Be Reading

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A Few Blogs Nigerian Entrepreneurs Should Be Reading

Keeping abreast of the things happening in one’s industry or world is an innate part of the human DNA. We are designed to mingle with people of the mental and psychological structure as ours. This is also prevalent when we decide to run businesses and chase our dreams, we become more interested in the things happening in our defined (Nigerian business) world.
However, we can’t always meet up face to face, or see fellow entrepreneurs and dream makers when we wish to. Hence, the reason for online spaces and platforms where like minds can interact.
So, if you are a Nigerian Entrepreneur or a professional working in Nigeria, here are a couple of Nigerian blogs you should be reading:
Starta Blog: Focused and dedicated to helping African founders achieve high growth, Starta is a great place to get resources and insights on the Africa-specific entrepreneurial landscape. They provide entrepreneurs in Africa with business support content, tools and opportunities required to launch, manage and scale a business startup. Starta is a team of entrepreneurs, private investors, growth hackers, data scientists, designers, coders and designers with a passion for Africa.

TechPoint/TechCabal: If you run a Technology Startup or use any form of technology in running your business, TechPoint and TechCabal are the blogs you should be reading and following. They have the latest news, updates, tools and tips that are technology pronged and helpful for any individual or group interested in what’s happening in the Tech industry and how technology can help businesses.

Printivo Blog: Printivo is an online print provider helping Nigerian startups and SMEs print business and marketing materials with ease. They have an interesting blog focused on small businesses. The blog is focused on  providing marketing, design and branding tips that are suited for SMEs and Startups.

iPA Blog: You already know us. But, just in case you didn’t, we are a virtual assistant agency that provides administrative and creative support to busy entrepreneurs and professionals in Nigeria. iPA is a team of skilled and dedicated virtual assistants and handle each request with exceptional attention to detail. Our blog is, therefore focused on achieving a productive lifestyle, getting the help you need to be an efficient entrepreneur and

Enterprise 54: Enterprise54 is an entrepreneurship news and magazine site created to inform, network and empower African entrepreneurs.
It is a publication that aims to develop entrepreneurial capacity by publishing actionable advice and incisive opinions. They also report the latest entrepreneurship news and events, and the freshest stories from startups and entrepreneurs across the continent.