4 Productive Things To Do When You Don’t Feel Like Working

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4 Productive Things To Do When You Don’t Feel Like Working

Even if you are a certified workaholic with your mind constantly in overdrive, chances are, you’ll get worn out and burnt out from time to time. Or you’ll just suddenly get bored with everything around you. When you experience moments like these, there’s a tendency for you get yourself guilt-tripped about not making good use of time, considering that time waits for no one.
And if you’re not a workaholic with the tendency to frequently lapse into a sloth lifestyle, but still feel guilty about your capacity to get tired, bored and worn out easily. We have some tips that will help you get your energy and mind productive, even when you’re not actively doing something ‘workaholic’.

Read a book/article that you find interesting: You can pick up a book that you love and read. Some books are easy to read, insightful and impactful. I’m currently reading Principles by Ray Dalio and it is a fantastic book. It is very easy to read, without being strenuous on the mind, yet passing the message that is useful for life and business.
You can also read small-volumed books, articles by your favourite writers or websites/blogs etc. There are websites that I use or drown in, that super-size my intellect without trying too hard and without getting my mind worked up or anxious with hard information.

Have a conversation with a close friend: Another thing you can do is talk with a close friend and/or mentor. Someone you know who makes your mind sing, fine tunes your ideation process and gives honest feedback. Friendship is one of life’s greatest graces and moments like these are valuable for exploring the rooms of your friendship.

Analyse situations and create hypotheses: One interesting thing you can do with your lazing around time is to look at situations or aspects of your business/life that you probably won’t look at when you are very busy being a workaholic, and analyse these aspects. Form your own ideologies and hypotheses and do a quick research to see if you are right about your hypotheses. Moments like these are good for laidback analysis.

Take a nap: Yes, sleep is good. Contrary to what your workaholic mindware is telling you, sleep is good for your brain and productivity. Take some time out to rest, when you are experiencing a burnout and you’ll feel re-energized to get back to work.